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Tips for caring for a snail with broken shell

Snails can repair minor damage to their shells, but if the damage is severe, you can try the following tips to try to repair the shell. Please note that it requires a lot of patience as it can take several months for the shell to heal completely. The following tips are courtesy HaClinica veterinary center in Tel Aviv.

  • A broken shell can be fixed by uniting the pieces carefully by applying epoxy glue or tissue glue. It is important to make sure the glue remains externally and doesn’t touch the body of the snail.
  • The snail should be kept in a fish tank which is well closed but there is also good entrance of air to it.
  • The fish tank needs to be moist all the time. Around half a centimeter of water at the bottom of the tank should do it. Keeping a wet environment is a key to success!
  • Restoring the integrity of the shell takes quite awhile and calcium is the main element that the shell is made of. Adding a calcium stone to the fish tank can help a lot. You can find it in almost every pet shop.
  • Food- snails eat almost everything apart from things that contain salt that might hurt them.They really like lettuce, cucumbers and red sweet pepper.
  • Restoring its shell is a long process and can take up to several months.

Photos on this page are © HaClinica veterinary center. Used with permission.