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Welcome to Snail Hunters International (Slugblog)!

We are snail/slug enthusiasts. If you love snails and slugs and find them as fascinating as we do, Snail Hunters International is for you! A snail hunter only takes pictures of snails and observes them in their natural habitat. We don’t eat, kill or intentionally harm them!


Slugblog was founded by international snail hunters Lizzie & Mary.


We began taking pictures of snails and slugs back in 2007 during a really rainy period in Texas. The snails and slugs were everywhere! The little creatures fascinated us so much that we decided to make a little blog about them. In 2008 Slugblog went international when Lizzie moved to the Netherlands. In 2011 Slugblog formed Snail Hunters International.

Please submit photos that you have taken to SHI via our contact form.


If you would like to use any of our photos for your research, projects, or website, please see the FAQ page.

All content is copyright Snail Hunters International / Slugblog unless otherwise noted.


Happy Snail Hunting Y’all!


Snail Hunters Lizzie and Rosie
Photo by Adam Stolfi, 2007