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Frequently asked questions

  • A: A snail hunter is someone who loves snails and goes out to observe or photograph them. We call ourselves “snail hunters” because we go out and hunt snails! We never intentionally harm snails.

  • A: If you love snails, take pictures of them or observe them, then you’re already a snail hunter!

    If you take pictures of snails, or make snail themed artwork, you can use the contact form and submit your photos to be displayed on our website.

    There is currently no membership for Snail Hunters International. All that is necessary to be a snail hunter is to love snails, submit your photos, and spread the word about our website.

  • A: While we’re out snail hunting, we spot many interesting and beautiful critters that are fascinating to photograph.

    Also, the snails don’t always cooperate if the weather isn’t optimal. The other critters give us something to photograph if there are no snails around.

  • A: We’d love to hear from you and see your photos or artwork!

    Please use the contact form to submit your photos. Let us know what name you’d like your photo credit to appear as, the place and year the photo was made.

    Photos that are not of adequate quality or do not have all the info requested, may be declined.

  • A: We’ve all been there. You hear the sickening crunch and realize you’ve just stepped on a snail. You can’t help fut feel a little guilty. As a snail hunter, we try hard not to harm any snails. But sometimes it’s unavoidable.

    Snails can repair their own shells if not mortally wounded and the damage isn’t too severe. If the damage is minor, we usually just let them be and let nature take its course. Howeover, if you feel so inclined, you can bring them inside and care for them. Be sure to keep them in a proper container or snailarium. You can search online or see this page for how one snail hunter built her own snailairum.

    There are ways of repairing a snail shell, but we really cannot offer advice for this, and it is at your own risk. Please note that it can take a month or so for a snail shell to heal. The snail still might not survive, depending on how badly its shell was damaged. There are many informative websites on what to do for an injured snail. We do have one bit of advice, provided to us by HaClinica veteranary center in Tel Aviv. See this link:

  • A:

    • Prior to 2016, I used a Sony Cybershot Sony DSC-P72.
    • Since 2017, I use a DSLR, Canon EOS Rebel T6, aka the EOS 1300D.
      I have three lenses for the Canon… the standard 18-55mm and 75-300mm kit lenses, and a Nifty Fifty lense (Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II)
    • In 2021 I got a Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM lens
    • Additionally I have a Canon SX620 pocket camera which takes pretty descent pictures for those situations when I don’t want to, or can’t, use the bigger and sometimes cumbersome DSLR camera.

    Tip: I recommend setting your DSLR camera to “BACK BUTTON FOCUS”. You’ll have to search for how to do that for your specific model camera as it varies.

  • A: Copyright usage varies per photographer.

    Please use the contact form to send a usage request. We would like to know where our photos are being used. We might even feature your project in an article on SHI!

    Images are watermarked with “” but you can also request a full resolution version of the photo(s) you would like to use and/or a non-watermarked version. Let us know which resolution you need (e.g. for online usage or for printing).

    *Some older photos may no longer be available at high resolution.

  • A: We love snails too much to get rid of them! You’ll have to search elsewhere for that answer.

  • A: We do not condone eating snails. I personally have never eaten one. I love them too much to eat them. While some of our readers might eat snails, you’ll have to search elsewhere for that answer.